On Sunday evening in Vredenburg on the West Coast, South Africa, something shifted in the spirit realm.

Prayers were prayed, prophecies were made and people were healed and touched, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

God has got awesome plans for this region, this country and this planet. But the willfully disobedient will face the consequences of their rebellion and judgement is going to fall.

Be ready for the bridegroom, like the wise virgins, with enough oil to get them through the dark hours.

We have work to do, and people who are headed for eternal darkness and suffering might only avoid that awful destination if you and I reach out to them in His love and snatch them from the fire.

Beloved, we cannot afford to sit and chillax in our comfort zones. We MUST step out in faith and obedience, someone might just be crying out for that kind of amazing Love in their lives.

It’s time to stop worrying about whether they will laugh at us, or scoff or even be downright rude to us. Surely it is worth risking ridicule, to save a fellow human being from such a cruel end. We were all created in His image and intended for an eternity with our loving Father, not in deep and utter darkness . . .

Pray . . . and speak up ! ! !