Word of Grace Ministries has one main focus, to demonstrate the fullness of the Kingdom of God. Everything we do comes from that center. This suggests a couple things:


This means to not just talk about the Kingdom of God, or the signs that follow (like healing, prophecy, evangelism, and heavenly encounters), but to facilitate an atmosphere where anyone can, and often does, experience them. Our philosophy is that theology that does not lead to experience creates a religious people. We want to teach about how God has interacted with His friends throughout history (Bible study) and then leave room for Him to come and do the same with you.


This means we want all of the kingdom and everything that entails. It means that our comfort is not the main issue. The main issue is the Spirit of God having freedom to do things we don't understand. We want all of the kingdom, not just the parts that fit within our cultural grid!


This means we invite not our kingdom, not the church's kingdom, but God's Kngdom. It is where His will is done. It is where God is the King and we are all responsible to follow Him as good stewards of the relationships, opportunities, gifts, and resources He has given us.

This is the abundant life Jesus promised. This is the great adventure called the kingdom of God. This is the love revolution that is transforming families and communities. 

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