Jesus said that we will be recognized as His disciples by our love. He didn't mention our giftings. Healthy relationships are the highest priority for those who want to be truly spiritual. The Fruit of the Spirit, as mentioned in Galatians 5, mainly deals with how we interact with others. Since we value relationships we have small groups to develop community and we weekly have refreshments after our services so that people can hang out and talk. We strive to learn to love well.


Honoring God and honoring others is a priority at Word of Grace. We recognize each individual as truly unique and appropriately so. We do not try to make people over into our image but we call out the image of God within them. We handle conflicts and concerns with honor, not trying to protect ourselves but the relationship that God is fostering between us. We truly believe that others are greater than ourselves (Philippians 2).


We are more interested in God having freedom in what we do than us having freedom, though we contend for both. We give people room to express their love for Him in any way they want. This allows people to grow up into truly unique individuals, not imitations of someone else. Since we value relationships, we hold that freedom is never to be expressed at the expense of someone else, honor is the key that holds us together.

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